In a post-print, post-wholesale world, its never been more important to have strong communications strategy and team in place to deliver campaigns that drive customers, and spend, to our clients’ own .com sites and online retail partners, alongside telling our clients and designers stories, and having strong influencer and celebrity campaigns in place. This must dovetail with regular content creation campaigns, email marketing and customer acquisition initiatives, and several brand activations per year. All of this requires skilled handling, planning, contacts and coordination – and that is where we excel.

We ensure our clients have the below in place –

  • DIGITAL TRADE DRIVING communications, ensuring your e-commerce and online retail partners sales grow
  • BRAND STORY TELLING AND DESIGNER PROFILES both digitally and in print to increase brand awareness and generate sales
  • SHOPPING CREDITS in print and online to generate sales and brand awareness
  • INFLUENCER GIFTING AND LOANS to grow social following, spread the word and generate sales
  • VIP GIFTING AND LOANING to grow awareness, increase sales and add gloss to our clients brands
  • BRAND ACTIVATIONS such as events, dinners, designer meetings and collaborations that become content in their own right, generating industry and consumer buzz and sales
  • DIGITAL MARKETING handling our clients CRM and databases, growing them through various means, and creating a seasonal / annual e-marketing campaign, creating the content for the mailers and handling the delivery of this monthly or bi-monthly
  • CONTENT CREATION through our large network of creatives such as photographers, stylists, art directors and graphic designers, planning a seasonal calendar with our clients to cover lookbooks, content for social media and seasonal product and collaboration focuses, ensuring the client is creating its own narrative on its own terms on its own channels
  • COLLABORATIONS AND SPECIAL PROJECTS ensuring at various points through the year that there are moments for the brand that make them stand out from the competition, and drive sales